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So, some thoughts about my Hectic Glow poster.

First of all, thank you to John Green (fishingboatproceeds) for reblogging this post and allowing Nerdfighteria to see it and critique it. As of right now, there are 285 notes, and a lot of them are thoughts and critiques. I’ve just gotten back from my classes for the day, and I was so confused as to why there were so many notes, but then I saw that John reblogged it. I’m so overwhelmed (but in a good way!)

That being said, I actually have altered it slightly since I posted it on Tumblr the other day, so a few things have already been fixed. One, the band’s title has increased in size, and I have now changed the colors of the body text. I am going to read and (hopefully) respond to all of the comments, but as I just came back from class, I need to settle down a bit and it’s going to take time. 

Also, thank you to those of you who just began following me. Since you started following me, I thought I’d answer your critiques first:

the-only-water-in-the-forest answered: Just from a personal thought, as a graphic designer, I would make the white a light grey or so, the contrast is jarring to me. 

That’s a great idea; I hadn’t thought of that. I did want the poster to be as bold as possible, hence the words “hectic” and “glow,” but I might add 5% black to the white.

pinkxxkiss answered: Maybe reorder the “Other artists”? Either into alphabetical, or size order. I think smallest to largest would look best. :)

I was thinking of doing that, and I haven’t yet (as you can see). I’m not sure which route to go with, but I will definitely do something with it.

fairyfellermasterstroke reblogged this from fishingboatproceeds and added:

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on tumblr for a while. Congrats on your awesomeness!

Haha thank you!

Also, thank you to safekeepersecretsirdaniel, and ampezza1 for following me! It means a lot. 

So besides what those people said, I will be going through everything and reading everyone’s responses. For now, a few others that stood out:

genocidefruitcompany answered: Awesome! John, you’re so cool for reblogging her work. DFTBA Records should definitely make this a real gig. It’s be awesome!

Thank you! I mainly saw your comment because it’s one of the most recent, and I would like to reiterate THANK YOU to John because without you I wouldn’t have gotten so many awesome critiques!

behappyanddrinktea answered: I might take out the top line that says “Concert” as it’s a bit obvious and unnecessary.That is my only little criticism,but this is AWESOME!

therainydays answered: Could you make the text in the lower corner a bit bigger? Just to draw attention to the fact that it’s a concert. I love the poster!!

I seem to be seeing a few mixed thoughts on whether I should keep the word “concert.” I decided now to write “one-stop tour,” because as someone else said:

agirlnamedtuesdaye answered: I really like it, but it does not strike me as a concert poster. I think it’s more like a book cover, which i first thought it was.

it could also be a book cover. So I am working on the bottom corner, and I have also changed the bottom words to white instead of yellow; everyone’s right, it’s way too hard to read. 


Well, I was trying to get some of John’s other books in there, so I picked Agloe. If you haven’t read Paper Towns yet, you should. :)

thechrestomanci answered: I would buy this. tho I dont like thg playing with real bands. Maybe Sons of Admirals bc they won’t’ve existed then

I thought about this too, having real bands listed. I couldn’t think of any good fake bands to list, so I put some real ones that are fairly prominent. If this actually becomes a real thing, I will definitely alter the body text, probably including that. As this is still presently for a school project however, I needed to put some other bands.

So I’d like to finish this post by saying yes, I know the original design is a bit weak, but I also did it in only half an hour and put it on Tumblr to get some critiques. Once I work on it a bit more I will post it again. If you have any other critiques for this, let me know—my askbox is always open!

Also, I’m going to start tagging this project “mezzotessitura hectic glow” so hopefully that will help things, even if it’s just for finding it on my own blog. 

And so, as of right now, here is what I’ve changed it to:

To end this long post, thank you all so much! If you have any critiques again, please post them in my ask box! Thank you all and DFTBA!

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