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University student in New Jersey, studying Graphic Design and Music. Nerdfighter and Ravenclaw. Any questions, feel free to ask!

Pottermore name: LightShadow70
I have a crocheted alot.

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Made a Gallifrey Double Sunrise mocktail to make me a little less stressed. #DoctorWho

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make me choose
asked ivy or bennett

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Goodbye office key of 3 years to @theridernews that I apparently never signed out…

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Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

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"this looks like a trailer for a romantic comedy where gandalf is the beautiful protagonist who must choose which attractive leading man he wants to end up with"

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I am Vulcan, Sir. We embrace technicality. 

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Everyone have big plans?

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Relevant to today. #Easter

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